Barcode browser

The barcode browser for Namescape can be accessed at

The Barcode Browser provides an overview of the results of a search within a collection of documents.

Each column corresponds to a document from the collection, each dash in a column represents a paragraph in that document. Paragraphs that are relevant to the search query (which contain the search terms) have a color ranging from yellow to red. The color depends on the extent to which this paragraph is relevant to the query: yellow means a low degree of relevancy, red means very relevant.

Relevant paragraphs can be inspected: after clicking on an appropriate paragraph, the paragraph text is displayed with search terms highlighted. The context of the relevant paragraphs can be viewed in two ways, through the “previous” and “next” buttons and through the “entire text” (disabled in Namescape) button. The “previous” and “next” buttons indicate the preceding and succeeding paragraph. The “full text” is a reading version of the completed document which contains the paragraph.

The documents in the Barcode Browser  are arranged om left to right by author and year of publication.